UNL Data Repository was created to provide for the growing requirements by external funding agencies for data management and data sharing. This repository, designed to provide researchers with a secure site for storage of data collections that are no longer actively in use, allows the researcher to stably retain data for future use and/or sharing with other interested parties. The UNLDR exists to manage data in a manner that facilitates research and scholarly activities, and that simplifies access to vital and unique research data.

The data and project information deposited by researchers maintains its value over time with information (known as metadata) that outlines its importance, its long-term usability, and the dedicated efforts of those who were involved.

The Libraries' Data Management page provides more information about the various services offered by UNL Libraries related to data management. Questions about depositing data may be directed to the Data Services Librarian, Leslie Delserone, at datamanagement@unl.edu.