Submitting Data

UNL researchers can submit their inactive datasets to the UNLDR for archiving and sharing purposes. Data will be preserved on UNL Libraries servers and backed up locally and remotely on a regular schedule. Upon acceptance, datasets will be provided with a unique identifier (DOI), and will be discoverable through the UNLDR (following any embargo period, if applicable).

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UNLDR Storage

UNL Libraries is committed to the preservation of and access to products of research conducted by UNL faculty and students. Because we are currently limited in the size of data collections we can deposit, for data collections greater than 1TB, please contact Leslie Delserone at

Preferred File Formats

UNLDR will accept for deposit most file formats. However, we can provide the highest level of long-term preservation for select, widely accepted, sustainable formats. The following are example formats:

  • PDF/A
  • OpenDocument Text
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet
  • Plain Text
  • Comma-separated
  • Tab-delimited
  • Wav
  • MP3
  • TIFF
  • JPG 2000

Preservation Policy

It is the intent of UNLDR to preserve data long term. UNLDR ensures preservation for a minimum of 20 years.

Registering Data

There may be situations where you do not want to deposit your data in UNLDR. For example, you may intend to deposit your data in a repository specific to your discipline instead. If this is the case, you can still register your data in UNLDR. To register your data, you will provide information (metadata) describing the data along with the location of the data. By registering your data in UNLDR, you increase the potential for your data to be discovered and reused by other researchers.